FABE is a dance music producer from Switzerland.

After years of producing rap instrumentals and working together with various rappers and singers, FABE chose to do his own thing. He always had a passion for recognizable melodies and harmonies paired with a good electronic beat. Therefore it wasn’t a surprise that he found himself in the dance music genre.

On the 5th of September 2018 he released his first album DayDream. You can find it in every digital music store and streaming service. Most of the songs can be assigned to the genre Deep House. Because of the different styles FABE uses in his songs, the album is split up into two separate parts. The first half of the album, ”Day“, is influenced by Latin Jazz and Electroswing. The second half, ”Dream“, goes more into the direction of electronic club music. FABE created a piece of work with a clear thread. The album tells a story from the start of the day until late at night, where each song constructs a new atmosphere with an individual mood.

The highlight of the album is the song Bella. Bella is an official rework of the song Bela Lugosi’s Dead from Nouvelle Vague, which is an official cover version of the original song by Bauhaus.